The Inner Light Institute Intensive Seminar

A practical training designed to maximize your own clearing and healing, the Inner Light Institute Intensive Seminar will empower you to release emotional blockages and change negative life patterns.

The primary healing technology applied in this seminar is BodhiSoul© Breathwork, a safe, rapid and effective method which utilizes gentle, natural breathing to clear emotional suppressions accumulated in your adult life, your childhood and even before birth. When facilitated by qualified trainers, BodhiSoul© Breathwork allows undesired beliefs, behavior patterns and their underlying causes to be uncovered, safely experienced and integrated. This leads to the powerful, liberating awareness of your own transcendent nature and connectedness with all other beings. Once this occurs, your life will be infused with power direct from the Soul.


The curriculum includes participation in processes designed to facilitate greater psycho-spiritual awakening, a period of silence, and time to complete your emotional autobiography. Powerful group and individual experiences, along with integration exercises, will help to bring about much deeper healing, joy and aliveness.

“A tool must work in your everyday life if it is to have real value for you,” Christina says. “At the intensive, you will experience deep personal healing and learn how to deal with the challenges and opportunities of your life to bring about growth, achievement and happiness.”

Because real, effective service can only be offered by one who is sufficiently clear and healed, the Inner Light Institute Intensive Seminar is a primary prerequisite to becoming certified as a Practitioner of BodhiSoul© Breathwork.

Healing Through BodhiSoul© Breathwork
You will understand the theory, application and experience of this powerful breathwork technique, used to break through emotional blocks and process old stored memories.

Core Belief Systems
Understand and unravel patterns of thought and belief which have undermined and sabotaged your dreams. Learn how to change these patterns and beliefs and to integrate positive changes into your life.

Healing Your Relationships
Break through emotional obstacles and heal relationships with yourself, your childhood and with people in your life.

Your Emotional Autobiography
A powerful, individualized introspection into your past, this process is often one of the most healing experiences of a lifetime.

Emotional Clearing
Through safe, effective methods, healing occurs and life becomes the joyful, authentic experience it is meant to be. You will learn the proven, practical ways to be peacefully and powerfully present with your emotions without shutting down or losing control. This ability alone will make you a vibrant and sought-after individual in both personal and professional relationships.

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