secrets_bookSECRETS: A Practical Guide to Undreamed-of Possibilities
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For every adult who is ready to awaken their innate, sleeping potential. Here is your guide to wholeness and to finding that “something else” you want in your life.

  • Use your breathing to clear suppressions of anger, fear, guilt, and regret so you can feel the vibrant joy of the present moment.
  • Materialize your thoughts to reach your goals.
  • Find inner peace, personal freedom, and a passionate sense of purpose in your life through simple, easy-to-follow techniques.
  • Read about the author’s own intriguing life adventure, which provides a model for growth, courage, and expanded consciousness.


IN TUNE WITH THE SOUL: An Evocative and Inspiring Guide to Consciousness, Evolution, and Spiritual Awakening
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From the author: “Aware of the unlimited wealth we always find when we get in touch with the soul, I frequently feel as though each person I meet has in his pocket a winning ticket for the million-dollar lottery, but does not yet realize it. Regardless of any individual’s circumstance, therefore, I can feel only happiness imagining the wonderful relief he has in store when he discovers the truth about himself.”

  • Tap into the pure gold at the center of your being.
  • Learn to hear your soul’s perfect guidance.
  • Remember your soul purpose for this lifetime.
  • Feel love all the time, even during stress or tragedy.

patterns_bookCHANGE YOUR PATTERNS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE: A Practical Guide
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Is there a recurring pattern in your life? Negative patterns can sabotage your relationships, deaden your spontaneity, squelch your creativity, impair your productivity, and limit your finances. In this groundbreaking book, you will:

  • Learn to recognize these patterns.
  • Understand how they originated.
  • Learn practical steps to change them.
  • Read the fascinating stories of many people, the patterns constricting their lives, and the freesom and aliveness they experienced once those patterns were cleared. The author takes you right into an intensive workshop to witness the healing of several individuals.

Includes “The List” of 110 life patterns you’ll refer to again and again!

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