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The Inner Light Institute, founded by Christina Thomas-Fraser, is dedicated to the healing and integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit. It helps individuals to transcend the identity with the limited, egoistic boundaries of body, mind, emotions and personality and become more aware of their inner true essence as the all-pervasive light of the Soul.

This connection brings about greater balance and empowerment in all expressions of life. Individuals who are attuned to their own inner light are more empowered in business, career and profession. They are more creative, more self-sufficient, and they are more loving and accepting with their family members, friends and associates. They have high integrity and exhibit a strong desire to serve others and themselves for the highest good of all concerned. They are conscious of being here on earth for an important purpose – a purpose that transcends self-interest alone. They generally feel empowered and are part of the solution rather than being part of the problem.

All facets of life are enhanced when a person gets in touch with the inner light of the Soul.


Christina Thomas-FraserChristina Thomas-Fraser, M.A. (formerly Christina Thomas) is an internationally-acclaimed author, speaker, counselor, coach and workshop facilitator. Her own spiritual quest, begun as a teenager, has led her to priceless discoveries that bring enormous value to the lives of her participants. Christina’s dedication to uncovering universal energy principles and integrating those discoveries in a practical, daily lifestyle is embodied in her books and in her work. Christina has taught thousands of people from all over the world, helping them to better understand themselves and the real purpose of their lives.

Christina is the Founding Director of the Inner Light InstituteĀ®. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Thomas Edison State College, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. In addition, Christina trains and certifies qualified individuals as BodhiSoulĀ© Breathwork practitioners.

Christina began facilitating personal growth seminars in the United States in 1985 and has since worked with many individuals and groups in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Europe. Her ability to help people release suppressed emotions, change negative life patterns, experience greater happiness and live more authentically and successfully has led to international recognition. For excellence in her work, she was elected to Who’s Who of American Women and Who’s Who of the World’s Women.

Christina is the author of three books: SECRETS: A Practical Guide to Undreamed-of Possibilities, In Tune With the Soul, and Change Your Patterns, Change Your Life, as well as numerous audio programs.

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