In Praise of SECRETS

“Your message is a powerful and healing one. I support your vision.”
Philip Kavanaugh, M.D., Pathway to Recovery

“Secrets is a truly wonderful book. In simple and succinct language, you reveal all the tools a serious seeker needs, strung together like beautiful pearls of wisdom. I plan to read it again.”
Lynn P. Peterson, Wisconsin

“I have been studying metaphysical subjects for almost 40 years. I am currently reading your book, “Secrets.” In a simple and easy manner, you have managed to present the real truth behind most of mankind’s problems and give clear, concise methods to work with one’s life. Thank you.”
William E. Deacon, Ontario, Canada

“Christina Thomas combines instruction and personal revelation in a balance which serves to cultivate hope and
a willingness to attempt the journey.”
Patricia D’Encarnacao, M.D., Recovery Times

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