“I stopped counting how many times I have re-read ‘In Tune With the Soul’ – at least a dozen times cover-to-cover. Each reading of it continues to reveal to me the new layers of your spiritual insight. I wish I could fully express how much I appreciate your putting your journey and your insights and your struggles and your growth in words on paper to share with others. You are a gift to the world. Thanks for sharing yourself.”
Cliff Hurst, Ph.D., CEO, Career Impact

“Your message is clear and direct – refreshing in an era of pop psychology.”
The Honorable Michael D. Bradbury (former) D.A., Ventura County, California

“We are greater than we think. There is untapped spiritual, mental and physical energy available to heal and strengthen us. This is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth and accurate guide to these inner capacities.”
The late Dr. John Culkin, Director, Center for Understanding Media, New York City

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